Monday, 16 October 2017

Unreleased female Space Marine: update

A couple of years ago (almost to the day) I blogged about an unreleased female Space Marine that I found in Bryan Ansell's collection. The sculptor was a mystery - but no more! Kev White from Hasslefree Miniatures has stepped forward and claimed the honour. Here is what Kev has to say on the subject:

"This gods-fugly miniature was possibly the ninth miniature I had ever made. As with all my other first attempts, she was made in my lunch breaks while working as a miniature painter (yes, the jokes you're thinking of were done at the time as well) at GW and were sent off by Rick to be cast. As she was one of the last I made I never received any castings because I left my employment shortly after handing her over (there's also another Squat out there somewhere - one with a heavy bolter on his right shoulder).

So, yeah, she's an ugly mini, but she's mine. From an age when I believed in genetically engineered women with power(!) armour and access to guns that fired explosive ammo."

Thanks for the update Kev!

Monday, 9 October 2017

It lives...

Blimey, it's been over a year since my last post. To be honest I've found that my hobby interest has waxed and waned repeatedly over the last year, but here I am with a new post. I figured if I shared my hobby output more often it will help with the, er, waxing as it were....

So this post is in some sense a bit of a recap of what I've been working on lately (as in, the last few months!). In no particular order:


I've got some preslotta giants on the go, from the Perry twins and Tom Meier, and I've been trying to paint them in a novel-ish manner, that is not your usual mountain/stone/fire etc. First up is "George the Giant", who was a Citadel Fiend Factory release:

I've painted George as a "Swamp Giant". This was the first figure I painted after returning from a holiday in the wonderful west coast of Scotland, and the base of the figure is modelled after the landscape in the area where I stayed. OK, not exactly swampy, but I liked the sound of "Swamp" Giant. I used a recessed base and tried some Vallejo water effects resin, which isn't exactly visible in the image, but it's fun stuff and I'll be using it some more in future.

I'm one of those people who can't make up my mind as to the colour of base rim. I'm in a black base rim phase at the moment, but no doubt that'll change...

The next giant is a Tom Meier sculpt, and I call him a "Forest Giant":

This is probably my favourite Meier giant - it's just sooooo lanky! Another recessed base, this time with the addition of a scattering of birch seeds to mimic fallen leaves. I've had these for about 2 years but this is the first time I've tried them and I like the effect. They are easy to harvest at this time of year. If you're not familiar with birch trees they are the ones with the distinctive silvery bark, and the seeds are easy to harvest when dry. The seeds grow in catkin-like formations, with just a small number of these "catkins" yielding loads of seeds.

I'm currently working on another Meier giant, which I'm painting as a "Sea Giant". Pics soon.

Putrid Blight Kings

Yes, quake in mortal fear ye staunch Oldhammerers, I do plastic now.

And when it comes to cool plastics, Putrid Blight Kings are hard to beat. I've got a couple of kits and I'm planning on doing some conversions with these, but here comes the first three Blight Kings I've tackled in the order I tackled them:

On the plus side I'm happy with this guy's sword and general rust effects. I used a Vallejo model color set - "rust, stains and streaking" which is easy and effective to use. On the minus side the base looks naff. Let's move on.

Base-wise I'm in two minds about this one. I went for a vertical "Garden of Nurgle" effect using dried lichen. I also applied some water effect with luminous green paint to the guts and base. Dunno - what do you reckon?

Finally here's one that is still a WIP. In fact, since I took this pic I totally messed up the base, and I'm in the process of trying to save it. Also you'll notice there are still a few bits that need paint but overall I'm happy with the look of him:

When I first painted him I was not happy with the colour scheme, and I nearly abandoned him. But instead I decided to have at it in a speed painting frenzy of browns and yellows, and I'm happy with what emerged. The armour is done with a GW XV-88 base with several washes of Vallejo light rust wash, and bit of old GW skaven brown ink for the recesses. Nice, if I do say so myself. I first discovered this effect when I painted some Nurgle titans a couple of years back. Not sure if I ever shared the pics of those.

I reckon that might be enough for today. If you're really lucky and very good I  might even show you what else I've been working on. Perhaps even before Christmas.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Go fund a worthy cause

Tim Pollard, former member of GW's Design Studio, currently Nottingham's official Robin Hood, and all-round smashing person, is getting married. Tim is marrying Dr. Sally Chappell, Lecturer in Human Molecular Genetics at the University of Nottingham, and - appropriately - Nottingham's official Maid Marian.

Sally has incurable breast cancer. Despite this, Sally continues her work at Nottingham and raises both funds and awareness of breast cancer issues, in the midst of having to face the grueling challenges of chemotherapy.

Tim's daughter Candy has started a gofundme campaign to raise donations towards converting a garage into a usable sewing/play room for Sally and her 2 and half year old daughter (Candy's sister), Scarlett.

The target is £5000, and the campaign is already halfway to being achieved. Tim and Sally have contributed so much to their community, and deserve something in return. If you can donate something - no matter what the amount - then I know they would be eternally grateful.

The link for donations is

Go fund them!

(You can find details of some of Tim's GW collection here, and read an interview with Tim over on the Realm of Chaos 80s blog here).

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Fantastic Oldhammer style t-shirts from Warmonger Miniatures

Maria Ansell of Warmonger Miniatures has commissioned their first t-shirt, and it's of a cracking Oldhammer style:

The Orc Desperado t-shirt features an illustration by Paul Philburn, artist and nephew of the late Wayne England:

Wayne was a massive influence on me... my artwork and love of gaming in all aspects of building and terrain loonacy which I've passed onto my lads...the circle is complete
(Paul Philburn)

You can pre-order the t-shirts now (Warmonger Miniatures), and they will be available to ship the first week of August or can be collected at the Oldhammer event which takes place at Foundry on 4th, 5th and 6th of August.

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

TFOG June: the last Slann

Ahhhh...can you smell that? The sweet smell of a painting challenge completed. Here is my final entry for a Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers:

Here we have 4 bull riders with light armour (140 points) plus a level 10 hero in heavy armour (102 points). By my reckoning that takes my grand total to 1015 points.

Now on to BOYL and the Big Battle!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

TFOG May: Slann mage on litter

Looks like I might be the first of my battle brothers to post in this month's A Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers challenge. I couldn't have a Slann force and not take a mage on litter:

This meaty monster weighs in at 199 points: I've made him a level 15 to allow me to bring the grand total of the force to around 1000 points.

All the Slann in my force will be green, but this guy needed to be a bit different so I went for the red.

Here's what the Warhammer Armies book says about Slann wizards and their need to be carried:

Oh, and apparently Slann wizards can employ any type of magic without restriction... :-)

Friday, 22 April 2016

TFOG April: finally some Slann...

As we approach the final stages of the Tale of Four Oldhammer Gamers I've finally manages to paint some Slann for my, errr, Slann army...

This month's offering is a small unit of Slann warrior priests, the Brotherhood of the Sacred Heart:

These guys weigh in at 12 points each, so 60 points for a unit of 5. Somewhat under the 100 points per month target, but my remaining units all exceed that so from an average perspective I'll be fine.

Way back at the start of this project I was mulling over some exotic paint schemes for the Slann, based on the wacky colouring of tropical frogs. In the end though I went for keep it simple, and have gone for a fairly "typical" green, with the addition of my blue spot colour on the clothes and feather head-dress (alternating with white). I realised part-way through that I dont think these guys are actually wearing upper-body clothing, but I'd started so I decided to finish with a brown tunic.

For the bloody hearts and blood spatter on the sacrificial blades I tried out the GW technical paint "Blood for the Blood God". I'm pleased with how this has turned out and I think the hearts look particularly realistic.

These guys have some fairly rocking stats:

Two attacks each, plus they are subject to frenzy. Gotta love frenzied troops!

See you next month Slann fans!